Paver Care

Paver CareMaintaining paver features and amenities on a regular basis is a must. It will not only make your outdoor space beautiful but also safer and more functional. You could also avoid costly repair jobs if your paver features are well taken care of. At Alliance Pavers, LLC, we can perform various paver maintenance tasks for residential and commercial clients in Central Florida. We have experienced in-house personnel who can work on different types of pavers. Our people also use appropriate tools and premium-quality paver sealers and cleaners to ensure outstanding results. In addition, we use proven maintenance methods to assure clients that their paver amenities will stay protected against the elements while looking like they were installed just yesterday. Call us and we’ll discuss with you how we can give your pavers the tender loving care that they deserve.

Proper Paver Care and Maintenance

A properly executed maintenance plan will prolong the lifespan of your pavers. Maintaining their beauty is also easy if you use the right maintenance techniques. As mentioned, proper paver maintenance is also a great way to save on repair costs.

Accordingly, here are some of the maintenance tasks that we recommend to keep your paver features in tiptop shape:

  • Paver sealing. One way to protect your pavers from nasty stains is to apply high-quality paver sealers. You can simply call us for sealer estimates, which we can assure you are well within your reach.

  • Keep leaky vehicles off your pavers. Leaky vehicles are among the leading causes of paver discoloration. Just avoid parking them on your paver surfaces or avoid driving over them. Better yet, have your trusted mechanic fix the leak.

  • Spray pesky weeds with a roundup yearly. Weeds that grow between paver gaps can compromise the strength and appearance of the paver features. We recommend spraying once a year to keep the nasty weeds from causing problems to your pavers.

  • Keep heavy vehicles off your edge restraint. Edge restraints are not designed for direct pressure, so make sure that your vehicles are parked within safe distance.

  • Avoid tight turns with your vehicle to reduce rubber tire displacement. This simple technique can go a long way in ensuring that your pavers are not stained or damaged.

Use of Top-quality Paver Cleaning Products

Paver CareA paver maintenance plan usually includes removing dirt, stains, molds, and other contaminants on paver surfaces. When left unattended, these stains will damage and make your paver amenities look unkempt. You can avoid this scenario by applying premium paver cleaning products from trusted names such as Techniseal. Its paver cleaning products, like organic stain remover, oil and grease remover, and rust remover, are all proven effective in eliminating nasty dirt that makes pavers unappealing. They are made from industrial-grade ingredients that make them very efficient and potent stain removers.

Regular Sealing for Ultimate Paver Protection

Paver sealing is a technical job that requires certain skill set and knowledge. You should hire professionals like us to get outstanding results. At Alliance Pavers, we can protect your pavers from damages caused by dirt build-up, weed growth, and other elements by using top-quality sealers from Techniseal. With proper sealing techniques and the right sealing products, we can make your paver features look like new again. We can also achieve your desired finish – whether you desire a matte, gloss, semi-gloss, or natural look.

Call us now at (407) 456-7000 for a free cost estimate or to know more about our comprehensive paver maintenance package.

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