Boral Clay Pavers

Boral Clay PaversBoral interlocking clay pavers are made from the earth itself and are unparalleled in their beauty, strength, and durability. They come in a wide range of colors that will never fade. No other landscape material even comes close for your home or commercial project.

Color is permanent, created by firing minerals in the clay as the clay is produced. A genuine clay paver will never fade or discolor no matter what the weathering conditions...due to UV exposure.

Variety of Paver Colors:

Straight Edge Paver Colors:

  • Bourbon Street
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Grey
  • Dark Pink
  • Heartland Flashed
  • Medium Brown
  • Parquet Tan
  • Peachtree Avenue
  • Red
  • Santee Gray
  • Savannah Brown
  • Tan

Tumbled Paver Colors:

  • Bourbon Street Tumbled
  • Burgundy Tumbled
  • Dark Grey Tumbled
  • Dark Pink Tumbled
  • Heartland Flashed Tumbled
  • Tumbled Medium Brown Tumbled
  • Parquet Tan Tumbled
  • Peachtree Avenue Tumbled
  • Red
  • Santee Gray Tumbled
  • Savannah Brown Tumbled
  • Tan Tumbled

Beveled Paver Colors:

  • Bourbon Street Chamfered
  • Burgundy Chamfered
  • Dark Grey Chamfered
  • Dark Pink Chamfered
  • Heartland Flashed Chamfered Chamfered
  • Medium Brown Chamfered
  • Parquet Tan Chamfered
  • Peachtree Avenue Chamfered
  • Red
  • Santee Gray Chamfered
  • Savannah Brown Chamfered

Color Combinations:

  • 25% Savannah Brown, 25% Peachtree Avenue, 25% Parquet Tan, 25% Bourbon Street
  • 33% Savannah Brown, 33% Peachtree Avenue, 33% Santee Grey
  • 50% Heartland Flashed, 50% Peachtree Avenue
  • 50% Peachtree Avenue, 50% Parquet Tan
  • 50% Savannah Brown, 50% Bourbon Street
  • 50% Savannah Brown, 50% Santee Grey


These pictures are intended to generally show the color range of the featured product. Using print, photography and a limited number of bricks, it is impossible to show all colors, percentage of colors, texture, and the harmless imperfections that may be contained in thousands of bricks. Brick from different production runs may vary slightly in color range and texture.


90° Herringbone
90° Herringbone
Running Bond Basketweave
Running Bond Basketweave
Boxed Basketweave
Boxed Basketweave
Single Basketweave Variation
Single Basketweave Variation
Double Basketweave
Double Basketweave
Whirling Bond
Whirling Bond
45° Herringbone
45° Herringbone
45° Running Bond
45° Running Bond

Commercial Pavers:

Boral Bricks provides a commercial line of pavers with a wide array of color capabilities. Our specialized paver facility in Augusta, Georgia is able to produce light pastels, earth tones, reds, and dark accents to compliment a variety of different colored designs. Boral pavers are also available in several styles:

4" X 8" X 2 1/4" square edge
4" X 8" X 2 1/4 chamfered edge
4" X 8" X 2 1/4" Antique line (tumbled)
3-5/8" X 7-5/8" X 2 1/4" Modular pavers for mortared applications

Completed Projects

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